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CAIS Lecture Series

The annual Council Lecture Series brings leading world scholars to the ASU community in order to explore timely, critical, and related topics surrounding Arabic and Islamic Studies. The Council has featured renowned world scholars such as Professor John L. Esposito, and prominent Muslim community leaders such as Daisy Khan, among others.

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2020-2021  |  2019-2020  |  2018-2019  |  2017-2018  | 2016-2017  |  2015-2016  


2021-2022 Lecture Series Events

Stay tuned for updates on the 2021-2022 lecture series, according to ASU's transitional reopening plan. 


Past Lecture Series Events

2020-2021 Lecture Series


2019-2020 Lecture Series


2018-2019 Lecture Series

2017-2018 Lecture Series 





2016-2017 Lecture Series

Sonia Shiri Lecture Council for Arabic and Islamic Studies ASU


ASU CAIS Lecture Series - Sheikha Hussah



2015-2016 Lecture Series

Understanding Islam, Arabs, Islamophobia, and Terrorism: Fostering an Enlightened and Inclusive Community, featuring leading world scholar, Professor John L. Esposito

ASU John Esposito Lecture -  Council for Arabic and Islamic Studies


Deconstructing ISIS's Notion of the "Islamic State", featuring ASU expert scholar panel

ASU Deconstructing ISIS Lecture -  Council for Arabic and Islamic Studies



Islam and Democracy During Global Transitions, featuring prominent Muslim community leader, Daisy Khan

ASU Daisy Khan, Islam and Democracy Lecture -  Council for Arabic and Islamic Studies