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Supporting the ASU Council for Arabic and Islamic Studies means supporting excellence in academics, research, and scholarly experiences that provide greater understanding of the Arab world and Islam; development opportunities to expand the Council's vision and mission; access for all deserving students to enhance their ASU experience through Arabic and Islamic Studies; and impacts in local, national and global communities.

The Council facilitates several programs that offer the ASU and larger community opportunities to become engaged with the goals of the Council. By supporting the Council, our donors share in the special satisfaction for advancing the Council and its mission. Be a part of our vision.

How to give

There is a way to invest in the Council that suits various philanthropic goals and financial circumstances. One time or reoccuring donation options are available. Donors invest in the work of the Council either through outright gifts, which can be put to work immediately, or with planned or deferred gifts, which mature to benefit the Council at a later date.

Donate now online

For detailed instructions or to make a donation from outside the U.S., open the donor packet.

Why giving matters

When you support the Council, you can provide engaging lectures from world-renowned scholars to the larger ASU community; train a scholar who will inspire generations; support a students' study abroad program that will in turn improve American-Arab relations. You can help prepare, engage, and inspire the future of the world.

Contact us

Please contact us at any time if we can provide any assistance and guidance.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Council!